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“I believe in helping students to find the desire within themselves to study and progress in their musical endeavors.  When a student is inspired, they will act on their own volition instead of feeling compelled by an outside force. “

 --Ronda Winter-Eldridge 








Ronda’s Philosophy of Teaching

Guiding Principles for Young Musicians



Mrs. Ronda -

When I began your class,

I think I knew the challenges you’d make me face.

You gave me motivation to pursue the best,

And to reject the common place.

Your thinking really opened my mind,

With wisdom, style and grace you made me see,

That what I’d chose to seek I’d surely find.

I thank you for everything you’ve done.

What you taught me,

I will not outgrow.

Your kind attention touched my mind and soul

In many ways that you will never know.

I will remember you my whole life.

I wish all the teachers I have had

Were just like you.

You inspired me,

Taught me,

And gave me motivation.

Thank you Ronda.

I say this with all my heart.

You are truly an inspiration.

I someday hope to be like you.


Written for Ronda by a student after a completing a musical production. 








“…her work with both elementary and secondary, as well as post-secondary,  students is exemplary….She knows techniques, musicianship, phrasing, nuance, and is personable and resourceful while being at once reliable and energetic.”

 David Hensley, DMA
Professor of Music
Porterville College
CSU Fresno
“Ronda displays a kind demeanor that draws students and teachers alike to her.”
Jack Brooks,
Chair, Division of Fine Arts
Lon Morris College


“Ronda combines natural intellectual skill and curiosity with a high level of educational training and diligence. “

Laura Basini, Ph.D.
Professor of Music History
California State University, Sacramento

Quotes about Ronda’s Teaching




 “Ms. Winter is always willing to listen to any questions you have on course work.  She is always there to help and gives you and the class the feeling that she really wants you to do well in her class.  She makes it clear that if you do the work, you will do well.  She is a very good teacher; one of the best teachers I’ve had here.”

--From a class evaluation




“I can say that Ronda is one of the finest music teachers there is.  She has a knowledge and grasp of teaching music to the highest caliber.”

Tim J. Bonnar, MM
Music Educator


“Ronda is innovative in her methods for presenting information and assessing student work.”

 Mary Tidwell
Chair, Department of Music
Lon Morris College



“Her high level of performance skills seemed to inspire many of her students and caused a subtle change in the level of expectations within the music department.”

D.R. Potter, Ph.D.
Vice President for Academic Affairs (retired)
Lon Morris College


Courses Ronda has taught




K-12 Education

K-6 Classroom Music
4-6 Beginning Band
7-8 Middle School Band
7-8 Middle School Choir
9-12 High School Chorus
9-12 High School Band


Private Lessons

French Horn



College/University Education

General Education:

American Popular Music

Music Appreciation

Courses for Music Majors:

Music Literature

Jazz History

Applied Lessons/Pedagogy:

Applied Flute for Majors

Applied Flute for Non-Majors/Minors

Applied Clarinet for Majors

Applied Woodwinds for Non-Majors/Minors

Applied Percussion for Majors

Applied Percussion for Non-Majors/Minors

Applied Brass for Non-Majors/Minors

Applied Strings for Non-Majors/Minors

Brass Class

Woodwinds Class

Percussion Class


Flute Choir

Concert Band

Pep Band

Pit Orchestra

Chamber Ensemble